Introduction for Managers

Edit new projects, define project budgets, roles, team members and assignments. Add pools and get reports about your pool members. In this guide, you get an overview of all functionalities for managers. Also, you can grant some of these functions to your experts by assigning project or pool permissions to them. 

Using iCombine as Manager

We are pleased to welcome you as a manager of projects or pools to our software. iCombine helps you to establish an expert network in your company. With our software, all projects will be planned more transparently and faster in the future. You will identify the most suitable experts in your organization for each project role based on a combination of different required competencies – without any tedious manual search. By setting up teams with highest possible competencies, you will increase the results of your projects. iCombine makes it easy to recognize where your colleagues are needed, how you can develop your experts internally, and how to increase overall utilization. You may actively involve your experts in these planning processes, and thereby increase their motivation.

Log-in now via In case you have not registered yet, please use the specific link you received from us or your organization in advance.

How to become a manager

In general, every workspace admin is a manager at the same time.

Furthermore, every workspace member can become the manager of single projects or an expert pool. If you want to claim manager rights, please ask your workspace admin to grant project permissions or pool permissions to you.

To learn more about the power of workspace admins, managers and members, please refer to our role concept and permissions.

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