We are starting the year 2022 with two important updates: The new Self Service enables interested people to experience the benefits of our software immediately. Our new and existing customers will also benefit from a certification that we have received as a result of our continuous security updates.


Our new self service

Companies that want to get to know iCombine better have always been able to book a personal demo via our website. To do this, they select a suitable date in the synchronized calendar and then receive an automatically generated invitation. In the virtual meeting a few days later, we then present the typical use cases, answer questions and subsequently set up a workspace for the company so that the interested persons can test our software free of charge for 30 days.

This manual process is common among IT solution providers in the areas of human resources and project management. Over the past few years, we have learned that large customers in particular place a lot of value on a personal demonstration of the software. However, we have also noticed that some potential customers would like to click through the software themselves as quickly as possible and, if necessary, seek the dialogue afterwards.


A direct access to the test of our software

Maybe you know this yourself from a private context: you are looking for a software, e.g. for photo editing. You are enthusiastic about the described features on the website of a provider, and you can immediately enter a test version. If you are convinced during or after the test phase, then you buy usage rights and simply continue working with the software. This expectation of being able to try out solutions directly has now also arrived in the business world.

Especially in small and medium-sized companies, people want to decide quickly which tools they are going to work with. To do this, they would like to gain a direct impression in advance without any detours, evaluate the solution with their colleagues, adjust settings, and finally go into productive deployment. Modern software-as-a-service tools such as Slack or Asana have long been winning over new customers with this so-called self service. Of course, it remains possible for interested parties to have a direct conversation with employees from the sales department.

iCombine now offers a self service in addition to the personal demo. This allows you to directly enter your own trial workspace. In addition to 100 randomly generated skills profiles, you will also find a profile catalog with popular skills from various business areas. Either you work with these profiles and skills, or you edit or delete them to continue the test.

By the way, besides you, 49 other people can join the workspace and try out all the features of our software. For your orientation, we have summarized in our knowledge base how to make the most of your trial. Get to know the added value of iCombine better with every click and start your trial phase now! If you have any questions during the test or if you want to continue using iCombine directly afterwards, our team is of course always available by mail or meeting.


After signing up, you will receive access to your own workspace and can start testing immediately. We hope you enjoy staffing teams, booking planned times in projects or evaluating our reports.


Proven security of our software

Every day, our customers process sensitive data about their employees’ skills and interests in iCombine. They organize projects and share important details with each other to work more efficiently. Companies from all over the world trust our IT security and data protection. As a software company, we therefore always strive to leverage all technical possibilities to keep our customers happy and protected from attacks. This includes performing continuous security updates and putting our software to the test.

At the end of 2021, we underwent a penetration test for this reason. For this purpose, the renowned company Breachlock was commissioned to simulate attacks by hackers and an artificial intelligence on our test environment. In total, two test runs were completed over several weeks.

The result is impressive and rewards the trust of our users: The iCombine software offers no vulnerable target for attacks and has no weak points in the areas of security and data protection. We have been certified as a secure application. This makes us very proud and confirms our efforts to provide careful and conscientious programming work. In the future, we will continue to do our utmost to build reliable software with the highest level of security.


iCombine is a certified secure application. The penetration test is repeated annually.


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