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New Feature: People Pools

With people pools, you can group your experts by craft or business unit. Pool admins are now able to manage their superior duties in iCombine. This new feature introduces more transparency and helps you to outline your organizational structure within iCombine.

New Feature: Excel Export for Projects

With our newly added report function, you process all relevant planning data by downloading it into excel. Get a comprehensive overview, prepare management summaries, and optimize your future planning efforts.

New Feature: Budgets for Projects and Roles

With budgets, you can now easily set limits and define planning requirements. The new release helps you to break down the total budget of a project into role budgets. By defining how many hours or experts you want to assign, you can make your planning needs even more visible to your teams.

New Feature: Project Permissions

With project permissions, you can facilitate project planning and team staffing tasks. Your experts can now become project planners with different access rights. Thereby, we boost collaboration and transparent decision making in your whole organization.

The 25+ elements you should know when talking about the Future of Work

Why does work change, what does the future of work look like, and how can we shape it? When people discuss these question, they often relate to the term New Work. Learn what’s behind the buzz and check out the most relevant topics that are currently discussed in HR departments and board meetings.

6 actions that will boost appreciation in your workplace

Appreciation is key to a respectful company culture. A lack of appreciation directly influences business success and employee satisfaction. Here are six concrete action items that will boost recognition, satisfaction, solidarity and productivity in your workplace.

iCombine wins StartupXpress 2018 and teams up with Deutsche Bahn

Today, we are happy to announce, that after applying to the Deutsche Bahn StartupXPress 2018 program and being invited to the finale at mindbox on May 8th, the jury picked 9 startups, including iCombine, as winners! More than 100 startups applied.

How Companies can attract Millenials by offering Project Structures

Our CEO Richard is convinced that project-oriented work is the answer to the needs of his generation. Companies can benefit from understanding the Millenial mindset and raise their attractiveness as employers. Learn how organizations can be enabled to offer exciting and diverse opportunities to employees while leveraging new competencies for the good of the business.

New Feature: Project Invitations are here!

We happily introduce the next collaborative feature to increase employee engagement during the project planning phase. Now, planners are able to invite employees to express their interest for upcoming project roles. This feature increases the transparency inside an organization and represents a substantial step towards compiling motivated project teams.

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