The Workforce Organization Platform

Empower your team to achieve better results, no matter where they work. Find skills, grow talents, plan projects, create schedules and manage all in one place.

Impactful collaboration made easy

Identify skills in real-time and connect people for continuous development. Quickly set up a new project, a development initiative, or mentoring program.

Organize your team’s future

Skill Management

Make expertise transparent

Uncover skills and interests in your internal talent pool. Using standardized and highly structured profiles, everyone can see immediately who is the perfect fit for the next project or mentoring program.

Talent Development

Enable your people to grow

Match people to new opportunities. Let them promote their skills and aspirations, find trainings and reveal career steps.

People Networking

Let talents learn from each other

Build an expert network and break down silos. Enable people with complementary skills to connect, collaborate and share ideas.

Project & Team Planning

Make clients happy with every project

Improve project and team planning. Make sure your team has the best skill match and motivation right from the start.

Utilization Management

Create smart schedules in minutes

Plan schedules that everyone is happy with. Keep all projects organized and on track, even if replanning is required.

Are you ready to uncover the full potential of your organization?

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