Export Planning Data to Excel

You keep all your projects, times, experts and project roles up-to-date in iCombine? With excel exports, you can download relevant information for post-processing and analysis: create reports, enhance your data with information from other tools and evaluate your planning efforts.

1.1 Open the Project Overview

To choose data you want to export, go to the projects overview. Click on the tree dots menu in the top bar to open the enhanced options.

1.2 Navigate to the Download Section

Click on Download Report and go to the download settings.

1.3 Navigate to the Download Section

Select a time frame. The excel file will contain all relevant project and assignment information within this chosen time frame. Finally, click on Get Report.

2. View the Excel Report

2.1 See your exported Project Data

The first sheet is labeled as Projects and contains all information about projects, clients, times, roles, people and budget. To help you distinguish projects with similar names, every project can be identified with a unique project ID.

2.2 See your exported Assignment Data

The second sheet is labeled as Project Assignments and contains detailed information about project members and their assignments. This includes days, clients, roles and assigned hours. To help you distinguish experts with similar names, every expert can be identified with a unique person ID.

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