Introduction for Members

Take a first look at your dashboard, create your competence profile and stay up-to-date on current and future assignments. In this guide, you get an overview of all functionalities for iCombine workspace members.

Using iCombine as Member

We welcome you as an expert in our software. iCombine supports your organization in making existing expertise and potential visible within its own boundaries. We connect people with complementary skills so that projects can be planned transparently and teams can be put together optimally.

Your skills, experiences and interests are in the limelight. We invite you to create your own competence profile in iCombine. To make this as quick and convenient as possible for you, your organization has already defined a common competence language in iCombine. All you have to do is to select matching properties from a predefined online interview. This saves a lot of time because you do not need to think about buzzwords or hashtags to fully describe yourself.

Other users who later look for competent experts will use the same interview. So, matching in iCombine is always very accurate. That’s why it’s even more important that you adapt your profile whenever you learn something new, improve a skill, or develop an interest. Our common goal is always to propose you for the most appropriate project roles and to further develop your skill set.

Since time is an important component, we therefore map your availability as well. In iCombine you always have an overview of your current and future projects, the planned project times, and your teammates.

Log-in now via If you have not yet registered, please use the specific join link that you received from us or your organization in advance.

What is the difference between members, managers and workspace admins?

If you want to learn more about the access rights and powers of workspace admins, managers and members, please refer to our role concept and permissions.

Where to go next?

Follow this guide from top to bottom and you find all relevant information. Feel free to skip ahead, if you are interested in a certain area.

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