Signup and Login to My Workspace

Get started with iCombine by joining your workspace or logging in. Get an overview on your dashboard.

1. Join your Workspace

1.1 Sign Up to iCombine

Sign up to your organization workspace by clicking on the join link you have received in advance. Your browser will open the join form. Please fill it, memorize your password, and click Let’s get started

In case you already have signed up to your workspace, choose I already have an account? You will be redirected to the login page.

1.2 Come Back and Login via our Website

To login to your workspace any time, you can visit our website and click on Login. 

1.3 Enter your Login Information

You will be redirected to 

Here, you must enter your email and password to come back to your workspace.

2. View your Dashboard

2.1 Identify your Workspace Role

Your workspace role will be displayed under your name on the dashboard. If you are lacking permissions in your workspace that prohibit certain actions, please get in touch with your superior to change your workspace role.

2.2 Identify Your To Do’s and Action Items

The cards on your dashboard give an overview of the status of your profile and your projects. Here you can also see if there is currently any need for action.

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