As founders, we are eager to connect with others, raise awareness and find partners that help us develop our ideas and implement our product. Today, we are happy to announce that our efforts have paid off: After applying to the Deutsche Bahn StartupXpress 2018 program and being invited to the finale at mindbox on May 8th, the jury picked 9 startups, including iCombine, as winners! More than 100 startups applied.

After a phenomenal pitch of our CEO Richard, the jury was convinced that iCombine and our vision of a self-organized, project-oriented workplace, transparent planning processes and the collaborative approach to project planning are a good fit for Deutsche Bahn.

We are really thankful for this opportunity. For us, DB StartupXpress offers a unique chance to test and develop our software inside Deutsche Bahn. With this program, we receive 25.000€ funding, coaching and mentoring, seats in the mindbox co-working space as well as access to the DB network. Our goal is to work on a business case with a department of Deutsche Bahn, add suitable features to our software and win Deutsche Bahn as our first Enterprise Customer.

From our heart, we say BIG THANKS to our friends, believers, followers and mentors that are supporting us on this road. Without you, we would not be where we are today! We will keep you posted on the next developments, and hopefully send out more good news soon!

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