Hurray, we have something to celebrate! Our New Work Berlin Meetup group just welcomed its 2000th member. The Berlin community isn’t only the largest, but also the most active German speaking group that is promoting the future of work. Every month, around 60 persons meet to exchange their various experiences and views about one special work related subject.

Meetup is an international platform that allows like-minded people to meet, discuss issues or enjoy common hobbies. Our New Work Berlin group started as an experiment. The positive development is a suitable occasion to take look back at the beginnings.

The number of members constantly grew since the start and reached 2000 on September 28, 2019.


A Community for Pioneers, Enthusiasts and the Curious

Everything stated in May 2017, when Friederike Euwens who works at AllesRoger founded the group. At the first meetup, she met Thomas Klein and Richard Schentke who offered their instant support to organize future events. Hence, the organization team was complete. Since then, the three follow their mission to uncover and introduce different approaches that enable alternative forms of work. With all its pioneers and innovative companies, there was no doubt that Berlin is the right city to build a vibrant community. By now, many employees, freelancers, founders, c-level executives, scientists, students, managers and young professions meet every month to share their thoughts.


Experience New Work in all its facets

Since the beginning, there are more than 25 topics on the agenda of the meetup series. The buzzword New Work becomes tangible because every related area is introduced with theoretical background, best practice examples and personal impressions. Newbies and experts exchange questions and ideas with the help of interactive formats such as world cafés, discussion rounds or barcamps. As a result, different partnerships and cooperations already developed. Thanks to all inspiring guests, generous hosts and interested participants, the meetup group held its ground in the highly competitive Berlin event scene. Especially at the initial stage with no budget, it was difficult to find new locations. But luckily, the concept succeeded with its changing focus on one topic per event and its presentations free of advertising.


Plans for the future

In the meantime, we celebrated the 25th meetup in September. All meetups are scheduled until end of 2019. In the overview of all past events, you can see that we have already talked about. The list of new topics is long and promises exciting events next year. A lot of them were directly proposed by community members. Currently, the organization team explores ways to make the content of their events accessible to people who can’t make it to Berlin. Additionally, there are plans for a larger conference. So, stay tuned for future highlights. Heartfelt thanks to everybody who became member, joined the meetups and now speaks about New Work in a more differentiated manner. Let’s spread the word!

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