Customize Searches

With iCombine, you can identify and connect skilled people in your workspace to various initiatives without creating a project. Depending on our flexible permissions model, all or certain users can create, invite and add other people to their search.

The Searches feature will empower you to enhance your modern workforce management goals in the areas of skill management, employee networking, or talent development. Therefore, workspace admins can define search categories and allow users to be benchmarked, e.g. against core job roles, knowledge exchange opportunities, training, spare time activities, and much more.

As a workspace admin, read on to learn how to set permissions and define search categories for your workspace. Successively, you may start to create searches.

1. Set the Search Permission for your Workspace

1.1 Go to your Organization Settings

Workspace admins can decide who is able to use the search feature.

As a workspace admin, navigate to Customize. Here, click on Edit Settings for your organization.

1.2 Select your Search Permission

In the organization settings, click on the drop-down menu below Allow use of People Search for
Here, you can choose who will be able to create searches. Please select between the following options:

  • everyone
  • only admins
  • only admins and pool admins
  • nobody

As long as somebody is allowed to create searches, every user in a workspace can receive invitations and be added to a search later on.

2. Define Search Categories

2.1 Navigate to Search Categories

As a workspace admin, go to Customize and click on Edit Categories.

2.2 Edit the Default Category

Your workspace is automatically equipped with a category called Default. To edit the name and description of this category, hover to the right and click on Edit.
Now, you may update the category name and details.

2.3 Create a new Search Category

You can also create a new search category by clicking on + New Category. Then, please assign a category name and description. If you want to set a new category as default, please check the box Set as default category. To finish, click on Create Category.

Depending on your organizational challenges and aspirations, we suggest creating one or more of the following potential categories:

  • Find a Colleague
  • Core Job Role
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Spare Time Activities
  • Job Sharing

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