Make better planning decisions. Faster, data-driven, at scale.

Allow people with complementary skills to connect, collaborate and exchange ideas to solve the complex challenges of the 21st century.

iCombine Experts

All your people and their competencies, easily findable in one place.

Create a dynamic skill structure for your organization

Individualize your skill catalog based on your industry, scale and needs. Define dependencies between different categories and skills.

Uncover all hidden talent

Invite all your people to evaluate own skills and interests by easily clicking through the predefined interview.

A collection of standardized competency and skill profiles

Access highly comparable, up-to-date data of your experts in a common, easily searchable format.

Update new and existing skills quickly

The search bar automatically proposes skills from the catalog. Your experts may also suggest adding completely new skills to the organization.

Easily manage updates to your skill catalog

Add skills that were suggested inside the organization, or merge them with existing elements.

Find experts in your organization

Filter all your people by skill-sets and availability. Refine the results by using weightings. Identify knowledge carriers, add them to your projects or create new roles. Allow your experts to find each other.

iCombine Projects

Find all your projects, roles and scheduled workloads, easily editable in one place.

Create a project, add details and more roles that need to be staffed

Display everything that is relevant to your project planning.

Define your skill requirements for each role

Add any combination of different skills to refine your search profile. Create better teams with complementary skill sets.

See in detail who is available to fill upcoming project roles

Switch to the timeline and check whether your matches are disposable

Allow more collaboration during the planning phase

Invite your people to express their interest in upcoming project roles. Collect the feedback and make more harmonized staffing decisions.

Keep an overview of all profiles

Get valuable key information about staffing status, assigned hours, people and roles.

Improve overall time planning and reduce idle time

Quickly recognize and manage overutilization or underutilization. Zoom into the schedule to identify matching roles for every expert in your organization. Promote transparency by allowing your people to access their own schedule.

Recognize all required actions

The dashboard and automated reminders help you to keep track of all staffing conflicts and other To Do’s.

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