Establish expert networks in your organization, and beyond

Define your search criteria and get in touch with matching people to exchange ideas and plan work. 

iCombine is the easiest way to uncover hidden talent. Create better teams for your tasks, projects, sprints and portfolios.

Create an innovative, productive and fulfilling work environment

Do you know the skills and interests of your workforce? iCombine allows you to understand the interests, needs and talents of your employees and leverage them to maximum benefit.

Transform and Innovate

Make it easy for your organization to tackle new market challenges through continuous learning. Establish modern, fast and transparent planning processes to identify and allocate the right people to tasks and projects.

Remove Inefficiencies

Apply talent where it is really needed. Break out of fixed team and silo structures. Instead build cross-functional teams, exchange knowledge more efficiently and boost interdisciplinary work.

Save Costs

Instead of hiring new staff at a high cost, recognize and develop the fast-growing skills, individual interests and the potential of your existing staff. At the same time, raise the individual motivation and lower the risk of churn.

iCombine Experts

Your organization consists of experts with unique skill sets. Track all of your experts using dynamic profiles, connect colleagues with each other to exchange knowledge. Easily match your workforce to internal and external demands and establish a living and breathing network of experts inside your organization.

A modern approach to skill management

Make your professionals visible. Within a few minutes, employees define their current work areas, skills, skill levels and interest. You can also invite your freelancers to the expert pool.

Find and connect people with the right skills

Use the same interview or quick search to define your search criteria. Get in touch with matching people, exchange ideas, and create a shortlist for your next project.

iCombine Projects

formerly known as Project Pad

Accelerate your planning and management decisions and improve transparency in your organization. Plan your projects with role definitions. With iCombine Projects you find fitting, available experts and staff your project teams based on tracked criteria.

Capture your time requirements and staff matching experts

Directly assign available experts for hours, days or weeks. Initially staff your project team with matching experts and grow or shrink your team as you go.

Optimize your overall capacity and people planning

Get a transparent view on overall utilization, conflicts and budget. iCombine helps you take action, so that you can plan to re-plan.

“As part of our collaboration with iCombine, we explored how to identify, develop, and leverage the skills of our people, based on our demands for resources. Thanks to iCombine for the structured and excellent cooperation.”

Michael Fritz
Chief Human Resources Officer, DB Engineering & Consulting

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