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iCombine lets you build a powerful network culture in your company to learn, work and exchange skills across disciplines – for better results everywhere.

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Skill Management

Gain deep insights into the competencies and the skill distribution of your entire workforce. Enhance your recruitment and development strategy with structured data.

Enable your people to grow

Talent Development

Offer meaningful training and career options to each staff member. Grow your organization’s capabilities, competitive advantage and attractiveness.

Enable your people to grow

People Networking

Connect colleagues across departments for knowledge exchange. Create a supportive and human-centric working environment.

Enable your people to grow

Project & Team Planning

Identify the most skilled, available, and interested experts for each project role. Quickly set up competent teams and keep an overview of all project deployments.

Enable your people to grow

Utilization Management

Schedule assignments based on the disposability of each individual. Meet your project budgets and make the most out of your people’s availability.

See the big picture what your team is capable of

Interested in: Scrum

Sophia S.


SWOT Analysis
Contract Law
Workshop Planning

Automotive Industry
Non-Profit Organizations

Interested in: Coaching

Patric H.

Software Developer

Public Speaking
Giving Feedback


Interested in: Coaching

Transfer knowledge and skills easily

Find in-house expertise in your internal talent marketplace and apply it to your projects and initiatives – completely on demand.

Get better work done, faster

Build ideal teams and schedules for any project. Keep work on track and your clients happy – even if things change fast.

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